Coding Project 1 brewIary Search

Posted: January 30, 2018 in Northwestern University Coding Bootcamp

Teamed up with fellow students, we were tasked with creating a project using all that we have learned in the first 2 months.  The requirements are listed below.

  • Must use at least two APIs
  • Must use AJAX to pull data
  • Must utilize at least one new library or technology that we haven’t discussed
  • Must have a polished frontend / UI
  • Must meet good quality coding standards (indentation, scoping, naming)
  • Must NOT use alerts, confirms, or prompts (look into modals!)
  • Must have some sort of repeating element (table, columns, etc)
  • Must use Bootstrap or Alternative CSS Framework
  • Must be Deployed (Github Pages)
  • Must have User Input Validation

The goal was to create a beer search, linked to Firebase to store the data.  brewIary Search  Here is a screenshot to give a better understanding of what we created.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.51.15 PM

  1. c21equine says:

    Glad you know all of this, I dont have a clue

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