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Interstellar (Spolier’s Ahead)

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Movies/TV Shows

I’ve seen Interstellar a handful of times now, and still feel there is something missing.  I love Christopher Nolan’s use of time paradox however the ending always falls short for me.

(Spoiler’s Ahead)

What I would have liked to see happen is a little connection at the end between Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and Brand (Anne Hathaway).  For those of you that haven’t seen the ending of The Last Samurai, there is a perfect moment where Tom Cruise’s character gets back to the village to find the woman he loves.  As he arrives he sees her and she sees him, they have their moment without words, and then the film fades to black.  I believe had Cooper in Interstellar arrived on the planet where Brand is stranded, they could have had a very similar moment.  No words, just a connection to leave the audience a bit more satisfied.  I think that would have been ideal.